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The initial starting point for the brief was my research into ceramic artists Andy Goldsworthy, Edwardo Chillida, Harris Deller, Cynthia Rae Levine, Deirdre Mc Loughlin and Karen Karnes to get a better understanding of clay and form. I also researched other ceramic artists in relation to shape, form and colour.


I choose my ‘house’ as the subject matter for the theme of this project. We recently moved house and this was a big change for our family. The relationship between the two vessels is the two houses. My daughter spend a lot of time in the old house in the back garden helping to plant flowers and trees. There was one tree she wanted to bring with her. This was not possible so we planted a similar tree in our new house to mark new beginnings and roots. So my two vessels are interconnected by representing our move from one house to the other and using the tree with a stairs.


I really enjoyed this VAC and with little experience I now feel confident to introduce this into the classroom with the theme of ‘home’ by getting each students to create a house or place that represents home and create a city scape.

Clay VAC

Artists Statement



Clay process


Slab rolling preparation


Rolling out clay demonstration


Cutting out house shapes


Cutting out house shapes


Building house design


Building house design


Slip painting of house


Fired clay pieces


Different angles of clay piece


Display of different houses

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