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Development Education VAC

The Change Lab

The change lab is a critical space for learning, thinking and reimagining the possibilities of how art and design on the curriculum can be taught through a development education lens.


This was a collaborative exhibition with three of my fellow students on the Professional Master in Education. The exhibition showcased the pedagogical approach and artefacts that we as a group created in response to the theme of  'Utopia'

The theme and purpose of our exhibition 'Utopia' asked the audience what they value in their community and to become an active participant in the artworks by drawing on the interactive chalkboard enabling a momentary community.

We also created a series of postcards that are intended to serve as a transient gallery, in that we invited the audience to take a postcard with a word of choice away from the gallery. This experimental collaborative postcard was created using the typesetting technique of 'movable type' again reflecting the theme of relocation. The project and exhibition was in collaboration with Amanda Connolly and Francis Quinn.

Gallery opening night at NCAD

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