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Unit of Learning (UOL): Graphic Design

The unit of learning presented here was with nineteen 2nd year students over 21 single lessons. The aim of the UOL was to design a brand identity under the theme of ‘BEEO DIVERSITY’ for honey harvested and packed by the school.

Students learnt about label design through drawing, typography tasks, colour and association, understanding graphic terms of ‘taglines’, ‘call to action’, ‘iconography’, whilst addressing issues such as the community, the environment, sustainability and consumerism. This identity design was then used to design a collaborative poster.

This UOL depicts the learning outcomes and statements of learning as outlined by the Junior Cycle Framework. The lesson plans also show evidence of assessment and evaluation throughout. Differentiation and success criteria are also illustrated. Students engaged in extracurricular activities connecting with the natural environment.

Students work

The slideshow below illustrates the lesson plans, learning outcomes, differentiation, assessment for learning,

cross-curricular links and the success criteria

The Beehive

The beehive where the honey bees live

Mind map

Students picking words that relates to honey

Identity Design

As sample of students final design

Typography and Colour

Students exploring typography and colour with imagery

Logo selection

A series of students work displayed in the school

Typography Display

Students explored typography through their senses

Type Tasting

Students exploring typography through their sense of taste by tasting jellybeans and picking a typeface that illustrates the taste


Students exploring their sense of smell through sniffing smells and relating it to a choice of typefaces


Students exploring typography through the the sense of touch by feeling slime and picking a typeface that illustrates the feeling

Black Square Solutions

Students exploring typography through black squares where they represented the words through black squares

Block Text

Students creating block text for their identity

Drawing from primary sources

Students drawing from primary sources and combining it with typography

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